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Rebecca is living her dream as a hairstylist!

Many years ago as a young gal, she dreamed of

living in larger city-Portland, and going to Cosmetology school. After her schooling

her career really took off,

while working with a well known colorist in Portland. Since this time Rebecca has honed

her skills with hair cutting and coloring by following the trends and taking countless

classes by industry leaders.

These opportunities have all refined her art of creativity and attention to detail. While

focusing on the needs of her clients she strives to achieve color and cuts that are wearable

and suitable for women to recreate at home. She truly understands the need and importance

of balancing work and family life while maintaining a sense of style and fashion.

When not working, Rebecca loves spending time with her husband, son and daughter while

hiking, gardening,  backpacking, skiing, knitting, snowshoeing, reading,and playing with their

dogs and cats.


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